Monday, July 1, 2013

Top 10 Summer Nail Polishes !

With hands and feet on full display this time of the year, nail polish is one of your most noticeable accessories. So which shades are worth flaunting this summer , find out what my picks are this summer !!

 Essie Butler Please-An electric cobalt blue/semi matte polish. Essie Butler Please is part of the Essie 2012 Leading Lady collection. This nail polish screams "Summer!" its just the perfect color it's bright,bold & neon

 Essie Saturday Disco Fever-Vibrant neon orange/semi matte polish . Essie Saturday Disco Fever is part of the Essie 2013 Neon Collection. This is the perfect orange shade for summer , it is a more tone down orange shade not like those obnoxious color but it still give you that flashy bright color you need for summer. 

OPI Glints Of Glinda- Sheer light warm-toned beige nude/glossy polish. OPI Glints Of Glinda is part of the 2013  Oz the Great and Powerful Collection . I know what your all think NUDE for summer ?!? Yes I dont think you can go wrong with a nude shade , maybe you aren't a fan of brights , neon or summer color  but skin want some color to your nails , this nude is perfect for you!

LVX Viridian- Opaque mint emerald green /creme finish . LVX Viridian is part of the 2013 Collection . Emerald, named Color of the Year for 2013 by Pantone, is this season's IT color, of course I had to get it since im a sucker for this shade in anything. LVX Viridian is a color that make you happy , it will seriously brightening up your day and your finger tips the minute you apply it .

POP Beauty Nail Glam Twelve Pink- Hot neon pink /matte polish .I'll gladly admit that this is my new favorite polish, and it's one that I'll be grabbing whenever I don't have enough time to do something special!I love hot pink polish , I love that they make your finger look slimmer and makes your skin look tanner , does anyone else feel that way about hot pink polishes !

Loreal Colour Riche New Money-Mellow golden green/glossy finish . New Money is part of the 2013 L’oreal Trendsetter Nail Polish Collection. This is a color I normally wouldnt gravitate toward but I thought it was unique and I didnt have anything like this is my collection , however I have been loving this color for summer , neon green isnt something I enjoy wearing on my nails I find it to look crazy and way to bold , so I like to tone it down a bit with a more muted green but still bright an cheery for summer.

Wet n Wild Fergie GlowStick- Bright shimmery lime green/semi matte polish. Wet n Wild Fergie Glowstick is part of the limited edition Fergie line, I am not sure if it is part of the core line. This is an unexpected color I would choose to wear but it is such a full color to wear for summer since it isnt as bright as you would think a glowstick would be but it is glowy once applied which is a fun look to have on your nails! This is a show stopper polish , a polish that could stop traffic since it so bright and glowy .

Wet n Wild Fergie Dana- Riche Magenta/ creme polish. Wet n Wild Fergie Dana is part of the limited edition Fergie line, I am not sure if it is part of the core line. This is a more tone down summer nail polish with a kick. That kick would be the vibrate tones in this nail polish. I would recommend this nail polish for summer because it still gives you that pop of color but still look professional and classy .

Princessa Hot Yellow-Neon bright yellow/semi matter polish.This nail polish is so "summer!" It reminds me of the bright summer sun. This polish is just so bright and out there and thats why its one of my top 10 summer nail polishes.

Princessa Peachy- Peachy orange/ creme polish. Coral nail polish is Summer's classic, go-to shade that spans generations, from grandmas to grad students. Peach, however, is giving the standard bright orange-yellow hue a run for its money. I’m completely smitten with this shade I love it  , it is a perfect shade for anyone I think!

  **Some products were sent to me by PR Companies for review  & some items where bought with my own money! However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.**

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What Are Your Favorite Summer Nail Polishes ?