Sunday, October 16, 2011

DYI Nail Polish Rack.. Please check this out. it pretty COOL LOOKING

Most people know i have a ton of nail polish , Im such a nail polish junkie, i have to have the latest one and color and what not , so for the longest time I stored my polish in this box that i got at Ikea, but since i had so much , it was laying around everywhere.. Ugh so my dad( the builder) and I came up with this template or a nail polish rack/hold.. since I have over 100 bottle of nail polish i had to make mine kinda big , but big in a good way ,it 24 x 48 inches  ha s 8 shelves  that hold about 20 polishes on each shelf , about 150 nail polish all together depending on the size and shape of the bottles also the bottle of the rack is a little cubbie that you can hold your ( nail junk, such has files, buffer, clippers Etc...) Neat right, it all made out of good quality wood , so it gonna last forever also I have this huge obsession with leopard print, so I painted the whole thing leopard print, and it not any old boring leopard print. Hehe ...My dad and I do plan on selling this since I no alot of people with a ton of nail polish and have no room to go with it ,so this is a convenient and outta of the way holder, the great thing about these is that it made to fix behind a door or on a door ,  so it not gonna be a huge eye sore, but yes you can hang it on the wall if you like, so I hope you do enjoy this,  I no I did , it was super fun to paint.

Bottom Cubbie
 What Do Y'all Think? I Love it.