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Bootie Babe Fashion Nail Lacquer Review/Swatches

Mark O’Hara( founder & CEO of Bootie Babe Nail Polish  has dreams of an entire booty-themed lifestyle line. He noted that very few nail polish lines have custom, distinctive bottles–so his butt bottles would definitely stand out in a crowded market.

I know If I saw these around while shopping I would have screamed and went crazy because of the neat unique bottle/funny original nails and the awesome colors there something about these that make them so different from others , for me I'm all about packaging and thing that look cute , girl , fun but yet feminine , so I know I needed to add these bootie butt to my nail polish wall .

 What Bootie Babe Fashion Nail Lacquer Has To Say ..... 

A new beauty brand from San Francisco with a line of nail polish featuring bootie shaped bottles!

The company is proud to announce the 2013 Nail Polish Collection with 48 sexy shades and featuring an "industry-first" in unique packaging: crazy, cute and collectible bootie shaped bottles!With names such as “Butt Out", "Red Riding Rump" and "Uncanny Fanny", the product line has generated tremendous excitement all over the world. 

What I Received .....
Top Shelf -[ Super Hot Pink /Creme Finish]
Fine Behind-[ Creme Mint Pastel Green/Creme Glossy Finish]
Junk In Da Trunk-[Deep Cranberry Red W/Small Glitter/Glitter Finish]

SuperBooty LLC understands the need to market cosmetics that are safe,
free of toxic ingredients and developed using cruelty-free testing procedures.
Bootie Babe lacquer formulations are developed specifically to be “California Safe”,
and do not include chemicals such as formaldehyde, toulene, and dibutyl-pthalate.
Overall , Im impressed with the formula , I wish it was more opaque and didn't require as many coats , but that true with any nail polishes , the polish itself is very smooth & glides on well with no bubbly or thickness once applied , however the some color can be sheer and may require more coat then other , also I found the glitter base 

The Brush....
 The brush is a Dupont applicator brush for durability and ease of use, however I thought is was alittle tough to use and was a little stiff , but then again I prefer a wider brush since I have large nail bed , even those I wasnt a fan of the brush that wouldnt  stop me from buying these cute little gems .

Staying Power....
 I was super impressed with the staying power and how fast the polish dried , each polish Ive tried from Bootie Babe has mega fast drying power , my nail were dry in under 5 minutes ,now dont get my wrong im sure other take longer depending on how many coats and if the glitter and what not , but I was blown away , now how did my mani hold up ? EXCELLENT , I couldnt be please any more , my mani last a wonder 12 day before my polish started to badly chip and come off in big flakes , I never had chipping , peel , flaking nothing , just the normal wear on your tips but it wasnt even noticeable that much , it was that good .  

Price/ Packaging....
Each bottle of Bootie Babe Fashion Nail Polish weighs .5 oz (14.8 ml) and includes a tall cylindrical cap and Dupont applicator brush for durability and ease of use.  Each bottle comes with a glossy gift box and 2.5" Bootie Babe logo sticker. Bootie Babe Nail Polish retails for for $12.00(USD) . The Bootie Babe 2013 Nail Polish Collection is now available for sale online and at wholesale prices for distributors and retailers in the U.S. and internationally.
Wanna Purchase Bootie Babe Nail Polish ? Click Here

My Thoughts....  
 Overall  I loved everything about these nail polishes , being a nail polishes hoarder I know I needed these , I loved everything about them from the unique packaging/ polishes name & awesome color selection they offer , However to many they will either hate them or love them because of the bottle and think is sexist to have a " BUTT " bottle , to me I think it is cute and creative to be able to have something that is so different and unique and isnt the same as the normal square nail polish bottle. I cant wait to purchase more of them and display them on my makeup vanity & nail wall .

Would You Buy a Booty-Shaped Nail Polish?

**These products were sent to me by Bootie Babe Cosmetics  for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own!

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