Friday, September 13, 2013

NYC Sun 'N' Bronze Bronzing Powder Review

Why not giving your skin a new bronzed dimension all year around?
New NYC SUN'n'Bronze combines best shades ever for perfectly-sun-kissed-look. Choose the one that fits your skin colour.Being sexy tanned has never been so easy. Just smooth it on you r face and get the sunny glowing look!!!

What I Received..... 
Sun 'N' Bronze Bronzing Powder (708) Coney Island Glow [colors contrasted with a champagne/ivory highlighter mixed inbetween]

Sun 'N' Bronze Bronzing Powder (710) Sunsational [colors contrasted with
a  pink,champagne/ivory highlighter mixed inbetween]

Sun 'N' Bronze Bronzing Powder(707) Fire Island Tan
[colors contrasted with a tan/dark brown bronze , highlighter mixed inbetween]

Sun 'N' Bronze Bronzing Powder(709) Montauk Bronze[colors contrasted with a tan/dark brown bronze , highlighter mixed inbetween]

This is a luminous, borderline sparkly, bronzer with a soft, silky pressed-powder texture that applies smoothly. Each bronzer comes with three shades that, when swirled together, create a variety of shimmering bronze hues, from peachy tan to deep bronze, depending on which set you choose. Although this is more glitzy than we recommend using all over the face, it's worth considering as a bronze highlighter or blush, especially for evening or special-occasion makeup.

Staying Power...
The staying power is nothing special, but dint let that worry you , I have oily skin so must product like this this with shimmer in it , and bronzer in general make me look muddy after a few hours unless there matte , however this is matte so this only last about 2 hours on my face before I started to see fading or it getting muddy , but I didn't mind touching up since I do enjoy the color and the highlighting effect this give to your skin.

  • Silky pressed-powder texture applies smoothly.
  • Luminescent finish works well for highlighting.
  • Variety of shimmering bronze hues.
  • Too shimmery for a classic makeup look.


Ultra fine, smooth and lightweight texture
Flawless and natural sun-kissed finish
Ultra sheer & soft application 
Im not of fan of this type of packaing at all , but then again it is drugstore and you pay for what you get, the packaging doesnt seal , it is a plastic lid that just set on the base of the product and you just pul it right off , it does not swivel or turn on the packaging to seal the product closed , however this wouldnt be a good product to travel with since it closure isnt very secure , each package does have the name of the product on the bottom of the bronzer, on the bright side dispirit the lid , the lid is clear so that mean you can easy see the product and easy identify it . NYC Sun 'N' Bronze Bronzing Powder retail for $4.99 for ( 0.42oz or 12g) and can be found at any drugstore selling NYC products ( Walgreen, CVS, Rite Aid , Meijer & Walmart).
My Thoughts.... Overall I like these products ,really good bronzer/highlighter! If you are super pale, like me, and most bronzers make you look like your face its dirty, this is a product you may appreciate. It gives me just the right amount of color with subtle shimmer and a nice glow. I just take a powder brush and swirl all of the colors around and then brush it all over my face. It is not too powdery. It does not clog my pores or break me out either, which is good since I have sensitive/oily skin , however these are on the market as bronzer ,I myself wouldn't use them as a bronzer just because they do have shimmer in the but as a highlighter they  work great, they give you the perfect sun kissed glow to the cheekbone but also giving you the pop/warmth of color to warm up your face . I would buy this again!
**These products were sent to me by New York Colors Cosmetics  for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own!

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