Thursday, April 5, 2012

Eye LOOK Of The Day !

Rolling Desert Storm Inspired

Step By Step How To Get This Look 

1. Take A Piece Of Tape And Apply From The Brow To The Corner Of Your Eye

2. Apply Any White Base , I Used Nyx Jumbo Pencil In Milk

3.Take Any Black Eye Shadow And Apply It To The Outer Corner Working Your Way Up Making A Thin Wing , Use A Inner Brush , I used Wet N Wild Matte Black Shadow 

4.Now Take Any Dark Blue Shade And Apply One The Outer Corner Were You Applied The Black , Making A Foiled Look And Bring To The Middle Of The Eye , I Used Wet N Wild Blue Had Me At Hello Palette( Right Side 3 Blue Shade)

5.Take And Aqua Blue And Apply To The Middle Connecting To The Dark Blue & Blend, I Used Wet N Wild Blue Had Me At Hello Palette( Right Side 2 Blue Shade)

6. Take A Med Green Shade & Apply To The Inner Corner Blending With The Blue, I Used Wet N Wild Flora Palette

7.Take A Pointed Brush & Red Shade And Make A Cut Crease Above The Crease Connecting To The Black Wing, I Used Nyx Cherry Red Shadow

8. Take A Orange Shadow & Apply Above The Red Blending Them Together, I Used Nyx Hot Orange Shadow

9. Take Any Yellow Shadow & Apply To The Remaining Area( Brow Bone), I Used Nyx Mellow Yellow

10.Apply The Same Dark Blue Shade As Above To The Waterline & Apply Liner To Lower Lash Line & Tight Line, Also Add Mascara .

11. Clean Up Any Fall Out :)


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