Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April Favorites

It that time again , It April Favorites time ! Let get started!

First of I just wanna say Ive been loving a ton of product that are hair related lately , Ive been taking really good care of my hair , since it been feeling dry and brittle,so these next 3 product I list are all about hair !

  1. Bio Infusion Daily Volume Leave In Spray Conditioner-I just wanna say I'm so glad I found this line of product in my local  Walgreens, this is a new product line , anyways this is paraben & sulfate free product infused with grape seed oil  and antioxidant it is enriched with a healthy bend of botanical to nourish ,replenish and repair you hair back to how it was , it is a super light weight conditioner that wont weigh down your hair and make it greasy it can also be use for as a de-tangler. This has help fortify my hair adding shine and making my hair smooth and soft .
  2. Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti Breakage Serum - If you have dry course chemical treat hair , I highly recommend this item. This will help instantly resurface the hair , repair damaged hair and cuticles, and mending split ends and frizz, since I flat iron and blow dry my hair daily , I need something that wouldnt make my hair look greasy and oily for using a ton of different product in my hair ,the coconut milk anti breakage serum  adds strength  and elasticity to my weak, brittle and damaged hair , but also helping reduce the everyday damage to my hair.I use this product everyday on damp hair for smooth frizz free ends.
  3. Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil Intensive Moisture Mask -Want your hair to be smooth . soft and sexy , well you need this mask then , this is a macadamia oil infused hair mask that will hydrate your hair in just one use. This totally indulgent deep conditioner bathes dry ,brittle,hair with the a fusion of gentle conditioning macadamia oil and moisturizing  bamboo extract , while sugar cane extract giving your hair a healthy new life.
  4. St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastic Facial Moisturizer-This has been my favorite face and neck moisturizer for a few months now , it so silky and smoothing of the face, what I love about it that it make the fine line on your face to appear lighter since this is collagen in this product, also it doesn't leave a white cast or oil look on the face, it soak in so nice to the skin .
  5.  Olay Soothing Cucumber Cleansing Body Wash Infused With Avocado Oil-Oh my goodness, I cant get over how I love the scent of this product, I just love the scent of cucumber, anyways this indulge your skin with soothing fragrance and lather, hydrates to soothe and soften skin & indulge your skin in soothing fragrance.
  6. AXE Anarchy For HER -A Unique all over body spray with a quality fragrance to keep you smelling great all day or all night ,LOVE LOVE LOVE this , I must say I never thought I would wear an axe body spray , just seems odd since it a guy line of body spray , buy I thought hey why not Ill give it a shot , and of course I love it , it smell so amazing , it a mix of sparkling fruits (Apples, Blueberries) Light floral, and light finish of sandalwood, amber and vanilla, how pretty is that I will totally buy this again .
  7. Urban Decay Naked Palette- I have recently started using my naked palette again , so glad I have because you can do so many things with this palette , want a smokey eye , you got it , want a natural eye , u got that as well all in this sleek palette ,who doesn't love the naked palette , I know I sure do the color and shadow themselves are so smoother pigmented , love them .
  8. Maybelline Color Tattoo ( Tough As Taupe) -Pure love right here, this is a grey/brown cream eyeshadow and a great neutral , you can use it as a base or a shadow , I love it both either way , the staying power is amazing for any of the Maybelline Eye Tattoo's the quality is just as good as the Mac paint pots. If you haven't tried these yet , you should !
  9. Covergirl Aqua Smoothers Tinted Moisturizer- What I love about this product is that is has SPF 15 , I always forget to put sunscreen one so for me this is amazing since it already has it in the product, I love this since it is a lightweight moisturizer with a wash of sheer color giving you a nice healthy glow, it is oil free so you wont look like an oil slick  and it just leave the skin looking smooth and natural, I love tinted moisturizer in the summer , since you generally don't wanna wear a full face of makeup when it stick and hot outside .
  10. Soho London Beauty Sponge -If you want flawless skin , you need to get a beauty sponge , this is a dupe for the Beauty Blender, but IMO it work just the same , anyways  this it a pink shaped sponge    that apply foundation on your skin , I dampen the sponge and squeezed out the water, and dip in my foundation and roll on to my skin giving me perfect skin , the end effect is amazing . 
  11. Olay Clean & Mild Makeup Remover Cloths With Aloe Vera-Love these , these are the most gentle makeup remover wipes I have tried , hey are a  per-moisten mild clothes that gently lift away dirt , makeup and even water proof mascara , they always leave your skin smelling fresh , soft, doesn't clog pores  and smooth .

What Are Your Favorites !