Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wet n Wild 2014 Limited Edition Street Art Nail Polish Collection/Swathes

Hi Glamie's !! Recently I was browsing Walgreen hoping I would get a hold of some of the new Wet n Wild 2014 spring items , however I did find some of them , most of the products were either open and used or broken and not worth me buying ,but I did find something from Wet n Wild I haven't seen around and didn't even knew existed so I new I had to pick it up and share with you , come to find out it is the new Wet n Wild 2014 LE Street Art Collection that wanted to make an appearance on my blog this week , so let jump on in and get into the swatches !

Deception is a beautiful fuchsia pinky purple shade , which dries to be a very sheer jelly type finish . The formula is super runny and required 3-5 coats before it is opaque , however a white nail polish base maybe best for this color to achieve the right color and texture . Overall this is my least favorite shade in the collection due to the formula.

Too Hot For You
Too Hot for You is a sightly shimmery orange red but also has a pink undertone depending on the lighting , also dries to be a more opaque jelly finish .This formula for this shade is like most Wet n Wild Wild Shine polish  , perfect consistency , easy to apply and opaque with 2 even coats , cant get any easier.
Get Lucky
Get Lucky is a summery bold banana yellow shade , bright as ever .. you could stop traffic with this color ! Get lucky isnt a jelly like the above 2 color but is a very creamy formula with beautiful opacity , opaque with 2 bold coat of polish.
 Temptation is a rich salmon coral pink color , perfect for anyone this summer , and would look amazing on your tootsies ! This shade is a creme finish and has beyond fantastic opacity , cover in 1 coat but I think it look best with 2 beautiful coats for the perfect glossy show stopping nail . 
Here Comes Trouble
This is my favorite in the whole collection , normally I'm a sucker for blue shade and hot pink shade , so I  knew right off the bat I would love this color , I already have many nail art and Ideas to do with this color .Here Comes Trouble is a soft med blue almost a deeper pastel shade , this as the few I spoke about above this a very rich opaque polish and only requires 1-2 coats , this it the formula I wish all Wet n Wild polish would come as ! A girl can dream right.

Cursed is a bright neon burnt orange shade , just like deception this is a very runny sheer jelly formula , making for multiple application with can get slopping and messy , however this doesn't require 5 coat before it is opaque it does need about 3 at the least 4 at the most to get the right color . I wasnt a fan of this shade that much either due to the amount of polish you need to use to  get the perfect color.

My Thoughts
Overall I really enjoyed the collection , minus ( Cursed & Deception ) , but I think I can work with them , they just need a little extra love ! I really enjoyed the fun spring colors and different texture in this collection and cant wait to wear these this summer and show off my statement fingers with these showstopping colors .

Wanna purchase is collection check out your local Walgreen /CVS/Rite Aid near you !
Walgreen was running a sale on Wet n Wild Wild Shine polishes for ($0.69) Hurry this collection is limited edition , get it before it gone !

Have You Picked Up The New Wet n Wild 2014 Limited Edition Street Art Nail Polish Collection Yet ? What Are Your Favorite Color In This Collection ?

**These products were bought with my own money  for review, However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.**

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