Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rimmel Limited Edition Festival Colour Nail Polish Collection / Swatches

I have been in a nail polish shopping spree lately , I need to stop but I cant help to buy these awesome limited edition nail polish collections ! I recently received  this awesome collection for my birthday , someone out there know I love bright bold colors , but really I think they just wanted to add to my never ending nail polish collection that wont stop growing, anyways let jump into this collection and see what it all about !

 Midnight Skinny Dip
Midnight Skinny Dip is a super rich royal blue with metallic shimmer undertones . The formula is one of my favorites for the drugstore , it does dry in 60 sec , of course if you add thick coats or a ton of multiple coat drying time maybe different then what the bottle claims ! What I do know about this beautiful polish is you need at least 2-3 coats before this is opaque and is the perfect blue color ! This is for sure a color you need in your collection if you don't have anything like it yet ! 

  Purple Reign
 Purple Reign is a purple shade with purple iridescent shimmer undertones ! The formula was totally different with this color then the , I found this polish to be thicker then the other and seem to have bubble in it and didn't really level out on your nails , however the color is beautiful and is opaque after 2 even coats , but I do recommend to make sure each coat is dry before applying another coat because your polish will begin to look funky.

  Funtime Fuchsia
Funtime Fuchsia is a very bright neon fuchsia pink , of course I love hot pink or pink polishes in general , so I know I need to get this color ! If you are looking for the perfect pink for summer or spring it this shade ! This formula this perfect , most neon type shade dry matte , however this one doesn't it dry super glossy and this color apply so smoothly to the nail with a huge pop of color , the opacity is a 2 coat polish for the perfect color .

  Instyle Coral 
Instyle Coral is a very creamy pastel peachy coral , but it wasn't a favorite at all unfortunately ! The color is not flattering on my skin and made my hands look dead , however it is a beautiful color for the right person or if you enjoy pastels , for me I can pull off to many shades like this !The formula is just like the others , super glossy and opaque after 2 even coats!
 Green Eyed Monster
Green Eyed Monster is a very neon bright green , my favorite of them all and the whole reason why I wanted this collection , I dont know why but I love funky colors , they look best on me I feel ! Green Eyed Monster is a super cream so application is simple with 2 coats you will have these awesome funky nails
  • Nail Notes
- All these shades have 5-7 day longevity 
-All shade are gloss finish 
- All polishes DO dry in 60 sec with normally application
- Each polish retails for $1.99 at most drugstores

My Thoughts 
I love Rimmel Nail Polish ( 60 Sec ) ones , i find it to be one of the best formula in the drugstore another reason why I like this polishes isn't just because the formula but the brush is amazingly good , it semi bigger an give you the perfect application and fir your nail bed perfect , makes clean up easy also plus this polish doesn't streak . This polish is very promising it keeps up to its claims and lasts for a week (with minor touch ups)I highly recommend it plus is cheap so it not making a huge dent in your wallet .

Have You Picked Up The New Rimmel Limited Edition Festival Colour Nail Polish Collection  Yet ? What Are Your Favorite Color In This Collection ?

**These products were bought with my own money  for review, However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.**

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