Sunday, December 8, 2013

November Beauty Haul

I cant believe 2013 is already over , but that just means another great year is yet to come , so let bring on 2014 with a bang right ? November has been a hell of a good month for finding great beauty product with awesome Black Friday /Cyber Monday Sale , so shall we bring on the goodies? Check what I have found for the month of November .

Let start with what I found a Walgreens , this time of season Walgreen always come out with the cutest and some of the perfect holiday gifts , well of course being a beauty addict I ran to the makeup section and found a ton of great beauty items , Profusion seems to be the items that stood out to me the most which is widely sold at Walgreens and is a super great brand , OK I'll stop babbling and get on with the product & swatches

Profusion Twinkle Twinkle 5 Color Eyeshadow Palette ( $1.00)
 If  you have never tried or even picked up Profusion items , I hope this will change your mind , Profusion is underdog product in the beauty market , but honestly these palettes are great and you will be impress , I mean come on for $1.00 these are worth every penny you would spend on them , they are highly pigmented , velvety soft texture  , blends amazing and over all they are a must have in your beauty collection .

Profusion 24 Color Adore Me Palette ( $2.00)

I dont know how many time I have pasted these up at Walgreen thru out the years and never wanted to grab them because I thought they would have been so very cheap , chalky and just a waste of my money , well like they say never judge a book by it cover , well the same go when buying makeup , because there are amazing ,I think they maybe better then some highend brand ,you get so much for your money , so many color to choose from and very travel friendly , plus the colors are highly pigments and super long lasting Profusion is giving every beauty guru a run for there money.

Profusion 12 Shade De Beaute Palette ($1.00)

 Gorgeous, isnt it , this one I gotta say was hit or miss for me , it sure is a great palette full of perfect color for fall/winter and the perfect smokey eye shades , however some shadows arent as pigmented as other and some do have full out , but that doesn't make it a bad palette , all you need is a little more primer on the eye plus tapping the brush and remember to do your eye makeup first and you will be ok !

Nicka K Face & Body Shimmer ($2.00)

Add a touch of sophisticated sparkle with this body shimmer add a  glow with finely milled glitter pigments that impart sheer pigment while making skin radiant. Sheer, yet buildable ,  instantly illuminates eyes and cheeks while accenting legs, and shoulders. I love these little gems , they arent only cute and look so cute and girly laying around in your makeup area , but they surely do give you one sexy shimmer to your body !!!

Macaroon Lip Glosses ($1.00)/Gem Lip Gloss ( $1.00)/Disco Lip Gloss ( $1.00) 

 Most of you that follow my blog know Im a huge lip product junkie ( I love chapstick) , however when I saw these whether they are cheap and chappy I knew I need to have them just because they are so cute and every girl love cute things , and I happen to love Macaroon & glitter so I had to add them to my lip stash and Im glad I did . None of the glosses are long wearing or anything to be excited about  , the glosses are very sheer and last no more then 15-30 mins on your lips but that beside the point , if you like cute girl things pick these up , there only a buck and they make cute decor .

On to the next store , let jump to Walmart ,,, Walmart has a ton of great holiday collection popping up and I cant help myself but to buy them :-/ some of these product are just holiday collection so once there gone there gone forever and then some are just strange , Ill give you a hint ( Food Flavored Chap Stick) ...let hope in !

Sinful Colors Nail Polish ( $1.98) " Glitterly In Pink ",UnWrap Me " , Decadent " ( This are part of the Sinful Color Break The Ice collection )

 Everyone know I have a hoarding problem when it come to nail polish , I own over 500 bottle of nail polish , I no I no , Im crazy but I love nail polish ... so while I was at Walmart I spotted a new Sinful Color collection and the collection had a ton of glitter nail polishes , and I love glitter nail polish and I love the color pink , so these polish stood out to me and were calling my name , Im sure everyone has tried sinful colors and they know how great and budge friendly they are so If you are at Walmart or Walgreens and find the Break The Ice collection display pick some up .

Food Flavored Chapsticks ($1.00)

OK OK OK ,  I know these are crazy and must people think im crazy cause I wasted money on some food scented chap stick , but to be honest with you I had too , I was so interested to see if they actually smelled or even tasted like what they were . I first started out just buying one , it was the Bacon one , I love Bacon so I thought hey maybe it would be tasty , however it was gross , it smells like straight up dog food  , sorry to describe it like that but it really does , as far as the other 2 flavors , there not so bad .. they are more sweet/ dessert scent so there tasty and I would repurchase those ones .. however I wouldn't try any more of these since they have the most off the wall flavors ( Mac & Cheese , Pepperoni Pizza, Salted Pretzels and the list goes one , by all means if you are up some some off the wall chap stick or need a funny gift , go ahead try them for yourself , but I think I'm go stick to normal chap stick .

NYC Smooth Skin Mousse Foundation ( $4.47)

Normally I past up NYC foundation because they don't mix well with my oily skin , but I since it was new I thought I need to give it a try and see if it would be different from other NYC prodcuts . Nyc Smooth Skin Mousse Foundation claims to fully hides blemishes and imperfections ,provides smooth and uniform coverage, soft, ultra-blendable texture to give you a natural, flawless look & enriched with pro vitamin B5 to help moisturize , I hope it can live up to that because it is very budget friendly and would be a great product I hope that I can add to my beauty collection, only time will tell!

On to the next store ... HMMM .. let go to Dollar Tree .

Many people under estimate the dollar store bad , now don't get me wrong I'm sure all Dollar Tree or other dollar store are all NOT the same , therefore each there own , I go to the dollar probably id say once a month just to see what they have new , each time I go I always find some great things , I find anything from Milani, Wet n Wild , Covergirl and the list goes one , ofcourse the Dollar Tree also carries they very cheaper brand also but that doesnt mean there bad  , check out what I got this time !

Aziza Eyeshadow Palettes ($1.00)

  I finally tried the Aziza 6-color eyeshadow palette form the Dollar Tree after passing them up every time , I can't believe it took me so long to try them  , I was pretty surprised with these palettes , I never heard anything about these items so I didn't have any great high standard for them , I figure they would be garbage , well they are pigmented which I was shocked over , they last a very long time ( of course that with a primer ) however the only problem I had was some on the shadow can be chalky , but for a dollar I think there worth it even if they are a little chalky .

Wet N Wild Spring 2013 Color Icon Eyeshadow Medley ( $1.00) 
Normally $4.99

 I am so glad I had found these at Dollar Tree , because I have been looking for these since they came out and never found them , I didn't think they every surfaced in my area , which is kinda strange since I normally am able to find all the Wet n Wild items , however these are worth 1 dollar , the shade are super pigmented and have awesome color pay off and are very soft like all Wet n Wild eye shadows , I am so happy I was able to find them since they are limited edition , so glad they made it in my collection of eyeshadow .

I hope you are writing down all these awesome goodies so you can add them to your beauty collection ,are you ready to go to the next location ? Let go to 5 Below , ok let me expand what a 5 below store is  a chain of discount stores found in a number of states. The store, as the name suggests, sells products that cost no more than $5. The chain is aimed at teenagers and pre-teens, but has many "adult products", While products at Five Below can be from any category, some items carried by the store include trading cards, sports related items, games, fashion accessories, bath and body related items, candy, beverages, room decorations, school supplies and stationery, books, accessories for electronics, DVDs, computer software, novelty items and gag items, as well as seasonal items. The store carries a plethora of female beauty products, as well. 

Profusion Gemineye 5 Shade Eyeshadow Palettes ( $2.00)

As you can tell above by the Profusion palette , Im a huge fan , since I had found the first ones I knew I need to find more , and I did that while browsing at Five Below , I always have to check out there beauty selection because they get things that dont even make it in the store or stuff that isnt sold in drugstores , anyways while I was looking these palette caught my eye , well im glad I picked them up , they are a metallic based palettes with a ton of pigmented shadows , these are the best palette to have a colorful smokey eye or if you love bold loud colors , they are so soft , velvety and awesome in general , If you have a Five Below in your area you need to stop by .

That is all I found at Five Below , but dont worry I have a bunch more to show you from Sephora & Ulta , recently Ulta /Sephora , have been sending out a ton of coupons for the holidays and of course ,i cant let them go to waste since there such a good deal that I need to use them , and Im glad I did because I got some great things and I got to try other brands out that I haven tried , let start with Sephora , shall we ?

Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation ($36.00)

   I was sold glad this was finally in stock at Sephora , this is the best and I mean the best powder foundation ever ! Amazonian clay full coverage airbrush foundation delivers flawless, natural-looking coverage that lasts , the texture is amazing , it is a finely milled powder that is so light weight but still give amazing coverage , it doesn't settle in fine line or look powder/cakey on the skin  , it also is waterproof which mean it gonna last forever , and it does , it also come in 11 awesome shade , something for everyone skin tone , it even work well with people that have oily skin , plus is give great coverage over a sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer , if you can find this at Sephora scoop it up.

  Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra Definition Pressed Finishing Powder ($34.00)

Unlike powders that leave skin looking chalky or cakey, Naked Skin Finishing Powder gives you a radiant complexion and NATURAL-looking Naked coverage. This formula works beautifully with Naked Skin Beauty Balm or Naked Skin Liquid Makeup, enhancing the already-luminous finish.This powder is awesome and ranks high on my favorites , it a silky powder and blends great into your skin , it helps reduce skin , give you a even coverage and even cover up redness and of course what really got my attention was the cute packaging , Im a big fan of the whole UD Naked line , so I knew I had to try this out and of course I loved it .

NARS Concealer ( $23.00)

NARS Concealer brilliantly obscures imperfections and dark spots with a creamy, vitamin-rich formula that nourishes the skin. Its long-wearing, crease-resistant, and ultra-light yet opaque formula ensures a flawless finish , I hope it does and that and then some , I havent tried is item out yet since I just got it yesterday , but this is my first NARS purchase ever so I cant wait to try it out 

Benefit They're Real Mascara  ( $23.00)

Best mascara made from Benefit , I'm a big fan of Benefit products , I havent used a product from Benefit I didn't like , I once got a sample of this mascara and loved it so much I knew I had to buy the full size , this mascara rock your lashes and really does give you fake looking lashes without looking fake , Go horizontal! The staggered bristles grab close to the root, boosting length and volume. Then go vertical! The custom-domed tip with precision bristles lift, define, and curl even your tiniest lashes.Benefit They're Real Mascara give me the most full , bold  long and dramatic lashes ever ,plus is long wearing , however is hard to remove , but I'm ok with that because I love how it make my lashes look and that what matters .

Benefit POREfessinal Primer ( $30.00)

A professional balm that minimizes the appearance of pores, YES I said it..Quickly minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines and help makeup stay put with this priming phenomenon. The silky and lightweight formula can be worn under makeup to create a smoother-than-smooth canvas or used throughout the day to mattify shine and touch up problem areas. It’s so translucent, no one will know you’re wearing anything! Okay, you're never going to see your pores disappear but this is great. I've got quite large pores around my nose/cheek area and I use this and it seems to make them far less noticeable also give me a even complexion and make my makeup apply smoothly  , this has been my favorite primer for years and I will also buy it forever until I cant find it anymore .

Now let do a hope skip and a jump over to Ulta , Ulta was having buy 1 get 1 . 50% off on NYX items so I thought I would give some newer NYX items I havent tried out some love , plus I had a coupon for $3.50 off plus I got a few extra goodies also .

NYX Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer( $4.99)

I was so excited to find this at ULTA , It is such a great concealer , I think it better then some high end brands and they array of color they carry is spot on ,  they nailed it . The best thing about this concealer is , it super long wearing , doesn't get cakey or dry looking,  go on super smoothly and cover super well and it affordable.  This concealer is great for redness , under eye discoloration , acne spots / blemishes ! You need this !

NYX Incredible Waterproof Concealer ($ 4.99)

Great little budget concealer that works better than the high-end brands I normally use. This particular line of cosmetics is amazing! It out performs most expensive make-up and is well worth exploring - trust me! I use it alongside my brands and it holds it's own. This concealer won't budge, is waterproof and is a true complexion shade match. I will be going back to buy a back up of this and maybe a feel darker shades for summer  , this is one of the best waterproof concealer from the drugstore Ive tried .

Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish ( $1.99)

These polishes are awesome , the formula is amazing , the brushes are wide perfect for easy and fast applications , plus they are long lasting and have a great color selection and didn't I forget to mention there a budge friendly , you would think get a $1.99 nail polish it wouldn't be anything special but these really are ! 

I hope you enjoyed my November haul and I hope you can add some of these awesome goodies into your collection , If there is anything you would love to see a full review on please leave it in the comments !

**These products were bought with my own money  for review, However, this is my own opinion and experiences with the products.**  

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