Thursday, September 22, 2011

Product Alert:Maybelline Baby Lip Repairing Lip Balm
Baby Lips seems to fall into that new category of lip product we're seeing more and more of these days—lippies that help improve the condition of your lips in the long run, .Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm is a moisturizing lip balm that promises 8 hours of hydration with an SPF 20. It also promises to repair lips within four weeks of use so they are softer and smoother. Check out Maybelline's Baby Lips Repairing Lip Balm, an intense-care balm that's hitting stores this October (or could possibly be popping up in your local drugstore already).. The SPF20 stick will retail for $3.99 -Baby Lips will come in six "flavors"—two clear (Quenched and Peppermint) and four tinted (Cherry Me, Pink Punch, Grape Vine, and Peach Kiss).

What Are Your Thoughts On The New Maybelline Lippies?