Thursday, November 7, 2013

Trash Thursday ( Empties)

Since my first every Trash Thursday blog post went so well , I thought Id continue with it and collect my garbage for the whole month of Oct , and well I was actually surprised with how much stuff Ive used up , and to be honest I don't know how Ive managed to save all this trash for the month because it literally overflowing outta the bag and it a whole lot of stuff that need to be tossed out now , so let get started !

Please dont be alarm by the amount of makeup I have in this empties post , some of the product you are going to see are product I have used , well I have used them all but I tend to have used up a ton of mascaras and powder this month , and since Im such a mascara whore I tend to use mascaras alot , Im sure Im not alone when it come to this .

Makeup Empties
  • Wet N Wild Mega Plump Waterproof Mascara ($3.99)- This has to be one of the worst mascara I have tried from the drugstore , there is nothing Mega or Plump about this product , the brush is very basic like a normal cheap mascara brush , this product also bleed very bad and gave me raccoon eyes like crazy , It was a big fail in my book , however I didnt try to apply this mascara with a primer and still had an awful time with it , I even combined mascara with other mascara and still made me look like a panda . I WOULD NOT repurchase this item .
  • Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara($6.99)-This is my favorite drugstore mascara ever , I love that it does everything I look for in a mascara , it lengthens , adds volume , define/separates , doesn't clump at all , it has a big rubber bristle brush , which I love since I have long full lashes , this make me have false lashes without wearing them  , the only down fall is that this mascara dry out super fast , but I can leave with that since it is a cheaper drugstore mascara . I WOULD repurchase this item
  • Covergirl Lash Blast Luxe ($6.99)-Great mascara! It doesn't give the "false eyelash" appearance like the Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion I mentioned above , but instead gives a more natural look. The bristles on the brush are very short, so I was afraid they wouldn't do a good job separating the lashes and that they would clump together. But it actually separates them quite nicely, probably better than any other mascara I have tried in the drugstore .  I WOULD repurchase this item.
  • LASplash Waterproof Mascara In Fushia Fusion ($6.99)-I bought this original bought this on a whim for a Halloween / pink look I was doing but also because I thought it would look awesome in eye tutorials I do , well this mascara was a huge joke for me , the brush is awful it is no skinny and pointed you could seriously poke your eye out with it , also the bristles are so small that you can really get any product on your eyelashes , that mean you need to apply a ton of coats onto the lashes to get that actually colors on to your eyelashes and by the time you have done that your lashes will be clumped and look like a huge mess , however the formula isnt as good as I wanted it to be either ,  I found the formula to be very heavy , thick and kinda had a greasy/oily feel to it , LA Splash does offer a ton of colored mascara so maybe I will give the other a try , but for now I think I will opt for other colored mascara that actually do what there suppose to do .  I WOULD NOT repurchase this item .
  •  Too Faced Lash Injection Pin Point Mascara( Free /Sample Size)-I wanted to love this mascara so bad because I heard such great things on it and I love Too Faced mascaras , the reasons I didnt like this mascara was the formula was very wax/dry and smudge and flaked like crazy , however I think if this was a wetter mascara and had a bigger brush I think this would have been a better mascara for my liking , I have since heard that the waterproof version work much better the the regular one but I still think it would give me that same problems , but only time will tell . I WOULD NOT repurchase this item .
  •  Physicians Formula Organic Wear Jumbo  Mascara ( $9.99)-I love this mascara so much I buy a ton of backups of it , I love this because there are no harmful ingredients. Goes on easily and makes eyelashes very full looking. It doesn't break eyelashes or dry them out and make them look spidery , the brush is amazing on this is the perfect shape and size to get into your lashes evenly and make them look like a million bucks . I WOULD repurchase this item.
  • Hard Candy Big Curls Dont Cry Waterproof Tearproof Mascara ( $6.99)-I dont know were to start with this item , This mascara I bought because it was new at the time and wanted to try it , but also because Im a sucker for cute packaging , this mascara does nothing it claims , it not water proof , rain proof , or tear proof , it bleed/flakes bad , within a couple of hours I had black eyes , also this doesnt give any curl at all .. none , it just kinda sit on your lashes , also the formula is very very dry , I think that why it flake really bad , not a favorite in my mascara collection . I WOULD NOT repurchase this item .
  •  Almay One Coat Dial Up( $7.99)-I like this mascara. Its not the best I've tried but its great. I like the comb type brush. It applies evenly and does not make a mess during application The formula is wet but not watery, but drys quick , what I don't like is the 1,2,3, concept , regardless of what number you put it on you get the same amount of product , overall I think is works well with your on a budget and need a good mascara .I WOULD NOT repurchase this item .
  •  Maybelline the FALSIES Volum' Express Flared ($6.99)-I love Maybelline mascara and products , and I love this mascara to pieces ,it has to be one of the blackest mascara in he drugstore ( well im sure there are others) , but this give a very even application , layers well , no clumping with this mascara , and the brush I love , it give you them big huge lashes everyone dreams of having with out have falsies on , this is one of the best cheap and good for everyday type of mascara you will wanna try and keep in your makeup kit . I WOULD repurchase this item.
  •  Rimmel Volume Flash Max Bold Curves Mascara ($6.99)-Love this product since the first time I used it! . It stays on all day long until I take it off. It is easy to take off and this is good because it does not damage the lashes or delicate eye area. It adds volume, length and enough curl. I love the thick and curved brush because I get an even application the first time. I can add as many coats as I want without it looking fake. However is can be a very hard mascara to find in the drugstore , so if you ever find it grab it ! I WOULD repurchase this item.
  •  Milani Total Lash Cover Mascara With 3 Zone Brush ($4.99)-This mascara may catch your eye with its multi-color applicator and flashy packaging , but keep on walking. Hands down worst mascara ever. Brush is a awful , the wand itself has very sharp point on it which can hurt your eye and cause damage , also the wand is very flimsy which can be messy and give a bad application , overall it poor quality ,does not coat the lash at all. I threw it away after one application.I WOULD NOT repurchase this item.
  • Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara ($2.99)This is the best and the cheapest brow gel ever! If you are looking for a good but cheap gel mascara for your brows , buy this , dont get the Maybelline one ,that one is awful and make your brows look like you coated them with a glue stick  ,   Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara keeps my brows in place and makes them look more groomed and clean , the only bad thing about it is , the product take a few minutes to dry fully on your brows , but I can deal with that ! I WOULD repurchase this item.
  •  E.L.F Lengthening & Defining Mascara ($1.00)-Elf is a brand that is so hit or miss for me , much of ELF's Essential line I don't care for , however don't let the fact that elf products being so inexpensive means that they're cheap. This mascara, along with the others I've got from elf, is very good! Great lengthening and separating and the brush is wonderful.. For $1 dollar you can really go wrong with a product whether you liked it out not since your really not out anything .I WOULD repurchase this item.
  •  E.L.F Regular & Waterproof Mascara Duo ($1.00) I do like the idea of having regular and waterproof mascara in one tube  , even though it double sided . The first time I opened it, I felt as if I had this mascara for years and ran out of product. , it was so dry and so hard to get the wand outta the tube.I basically bought a mascara wand since nothing actually went on my lashes , although the waterproof side had a little more to offer I still wouldnt waste the dollar on this item . The waterproof side was a wetter formula and held a curl for a few hours but nothing worth raving about . I WOULD NOT repurchase this item.
  •  Rachel K CC Mineral Color Control Blemish Balm Pressed Powder ($42.00)-I couldn't be more please with the product ,I love it and it did everything I expected plus some, this reduces shine and absorbs oil better then any powder Ive ever used. The end effect is a flawless, non oily (matte) and radiant complexion !! This is a pricey item , but if you have oily/combo skin this product id for you and would make such a different to your skin .I WOULD repurchase this item.
  • Loreal Hydra Perfecte Perfecting Loose Powder ($9.99) This is a great loose powder! Very finely milled and soft. Looks very natural on skin. Even after touch-ups throughout the day it never looks cakey or heavy , It keeps my foundation perfect , A+ loose powder, for a decent price!I WOULD repurchase this item.
  •  Hard Candy Fox In A Box Blush In Smooth Talker ($6.99)- I bought is because it was a dupe for Benefits Sugar Bomb Box Blush , at first I hate this item only because I felt like the colors were washing me out and making my face look very dead looking , however once I swirled all the colors together a few time and applied just on the apple of my cheeks I loved it , this time it made me look more natural like it was just the natural tone in  my cheeks , also this make a very great all over natural looking bronzer , I also used this 4 color cube blush as an eyeshadow and wow is turn out so pretty and give you a very soft rosy nude eye , perfect for everyday .
    I WOULD repurchase this item.
  •  Milani Secret Cover Concealer Cream In Natural Beige ( $4.99)-This concealer is great for blemish /redness/acne , it is super full covers but can be very heavy if you dont warm it up on the back of your hand first , also is can make you look kinda dead if you use way to much , little does go alone way , plus blend blend blend into your skin with your fingertips for the must flawless coverage , the coverage call be very build able , and I do suggest to wear a powder over . I WOULD repurchase this item.
  •  Rimmel Sunshimmer Shimmering Maxi Bronzer In Sun Kiss( $ 6.99)-This bronzer disapointed me because there's only glitter on the top layer of it... after 5 or 6 uses, the product become dark and matte, however im ok with that , since I like matte bronzers , but the whole reason I bought this was to use a highlighting powder in the summer when Im more tan . Beside the whole glitter saga this make a great bronzer , but I do notice that if you use this very heavy you will look orange , so if you have pale skin you may wanna stay away from this or use a very light light hand .I WOULD NOT repurchase this item.
  •  Lancome Effacernes Waterproof Under Eye Concealer ($30.00)-It is a nice concealer with a pink undertone for hiding dark circles. Also it is a long lasting product for under the eye area .It is a smooth liquid formula , leaving your under eye very smooth, soft and super bright ,it is also extra long wearing  and can be used around your month and nose wear many super from redness , so it's important that the concealer I use really works. It doesn't take much product to cover up any blemish or hyper-pigmentation.I WOULD repurchase this item.I WOULD repurchase this item.
  •  Victoria Secret Luminous Cheek & Face Highlighter In Bronze Rays ($18.00)-
    This is a highlighter in a form of a stick with swirled 2 colors: pearly cream and bronze , I wanted to like this product so bad , but unfortunately  is didn't work for me , it is a very creamy lightweight formula , however once applied onto your skin it kinda just runs off after a few hours , even with a primer & setting spray ,  I do no this product has been discontinued , but they do have a newer version of it I'm hoping works better.I WOULD NOT repurchase this item.

  •  Elf Makeup Mist & Set Spray ($3.00)-If Im on budget or need a cheaper version of the Mac Fix+ I will grab this . I love this this is a great spray just to wake up your face , and great for apply pigments and is super cheap for what you are getting, however I wouldn't say this make your foundation last longer , cause it really doesn't , but if you are cakey or anything this will help you out. I WOULD repurchase this item.

  •  Sephora Ultra Smoothing Primer ( Free/Sample Size)- I really like using Sephora's Perfecting Ultra-Smoothing Primer because it makes a little foundation go a long way also make your skin feel so silky and smooth , it also really help if you have any dryness or anything so your foundation or BB Cream doesnt stick to thoughts problem areas .. It only takes a tiny amount of the primer to get your face all primed up, so it is easy on your beauty budget, too.I WOULD repurchase this item.

  • FACEatelier Ultra Matte Setting Spray ( Free/Sample Size)- This is my holy grail setting spray , I have very oily skin so a setting spray that is matte , it a big thumbs up for me , this leave my face very matte but gives me that normal skin look without looking to matte , this setting spray drys instantly on your skin to give you flawless , shine free face makeup. I WOULD repurchase this item.

  •  Mac Fix + ($21.00)-This product is great! I spray a little on my face after I have finished my makeup and it makes my face look flawless. I always set my liquid foundation with loose powder and sometimes find it can look a little powdery but now that I have found this product I no longer have that problem! I WOULD repurchase this item.

  • Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion ( $8.99)-This is the best lotion I have ever used for dry /sensitive skin. I have very sensitive skin and it works amazing. It doesn't smell weird (its actually scentless), it keeps my face moisturized all day and night and as well as my body since that is wear I have the most dryness . Doesn't feel heavy /unnatural or greasy on the skin. I WOULD repurchase this item.

  •  Nicole By OPI Top Coat Plus ($ So disappointed in the product, I thought since I love OPI and have never had a problem with OPI product I thought Id be safe with this one , NOT , this is one of the worst top coat I have ever used , It look pretty when you first apply it , all gloss and nice like a fresh mani , well once this dry is a train wreck on your nails , this will leave your nails with bubbles and chipping , this chipped on me just after paint my nails and I had bubbles in my nails just a few hours after letting my nails dry , I dont think that is something pretty to be sporting on your nails , Ive learned my lesson not to waste my money on pricey nail product like this since there are drugstore one that work better and cost way less . I  WOULD NOT repurchase this item.
  •  EOS Lip Spheres( Orange , Lemon Drop , Strawberry Sorbet ) ($3.99)-I love this product! it moisturizes my lips more than other lipbalms, and the packaging is so cute. Literally I was obsessed, even though it is super inconvenient and huge but I truly loved it. My lips smelled and tasted amazing and always felt super soft. I WOULD repurchase this item.
Skincare/Haircare Empties

  • Cuccio Naturale Milk & Honey Body Butter ($15.00)This is probably the best body creme I have ever tried. It leaves your skin incredibly soft, is absorbed quickly without leaving you feeling sticky or greasy, and smells fresh and clean. Once you try it you will be hooked. The best part is a little goes a long way! I WOULD repurchase this item.
  •  Skinjoy Moisturizer Spray ($29.94)-I have very oily skin so I was pretty scared to use a new moisturizer since almost every item I do use leave me more oilier then I already am , but not  this moisturizer , this actually mattified my skin and didn't have any oils on my face at all .This is so handy for locking in moisture and toning after cleansing your beautiful skin.   This was so soothing as it smoothed and moisturized at the same time ans even left my skin with a glow. The texture is a silky smooth milky kinda lightweight cream , soaks evenly into the neck and face area. I WOULD repurchase this item.

  •  Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner ( $4.99)-
    I can't say enough good things about this product. It is like where have you been all my life.Such a good toner!! I really recommend this Its natural so it's alcohol free also very cheap and very good for your skin. It is a staple in my bathroom cabinet.I WOULD repurchase this item.

  •  Freeman Papaya And Lime Shine Shampoo ($2.99)-I wasn't very impressed with this shampoo , Since I love must Freeman Beauty products I thought the Shampoo's would be spot on , of course since everyone hair is different , it doesn't anyway work for everyone ., well this was a big fail for me , it left my hair very very dull , dry and just unmanageable , it didnt add any shine like the packaging stated , however the only thing good about it is , the scent  .. it smell like a tropical beach with marshes of coconuts and lime drifting by . WOULD NOT repurchase this item.

  •  Nivea Touch Oh Sparkle Moisturizing Body Wash ( $3.97)-I love this body wash. While I didn't really notice any sparkles on my skin, I love the scent. It actually kind of makes me feel like im in a dream.. This lathers nicely as long as you use a pouf. It does not seem to lather at all just using my hands. I think it does an ok job of moisturizing and I find I still have to use a lotion after using this. Still a nice body wash that definitely leaves me feeling fresh and clean. I WOULD repurchase this item.

  •  Batiste Dry Shampoo (Coconut & Exotic Tropical ) ($8.99)--I 've tried a few other dry shampoos and this is the best! I no longer have to look further, this stuff works great if u dont feel like washing your hair every day just spray this on and ur good to go.. the one thing is that you have to brush it out good cause or else you'll have white spots were your sprayed it but other than that, it does absorb the extra oil! It  did leave a white powder, even after brushing off, but im pretty sure that because I have black hair !!I WOULD repurchase this item.
  • Sea Breeze Naturals Facial Wash ( $2.97)-Sea Breeze Naturals Facial Wash combines the natural ingredients of refreshing citrus, mint, camphor and geranium oil to gently cleanse your face and remove excess dirt, oil and makeup without over-drying. It leaves your skin feeling clean, healthy and refreshed also blended with natural ingredients  and gently cleanses to remove impurities without over-drying. Sea Breeze is a product that I never hear about in the beauty community , it is a under rated product ,Sea Breeze Naturals Face Wash facial wash is an excellent product for "mature" oily skin. It thoroughly and deeply removes stubborn oil without stripping or over-drying the skin. The mild antibacterial properties actually do reduce the occurrence of acne . I WOULD repurchase this item.
  •  Gillette Satin Care Dry Skin Shaving Gel ($1.99)- This is my go to shaving gel...when I use this I rarely get any nicks , shaving bumps or razor rashes . like how it comes out in a gel form and then lathers into a cream, this is an all around great shaving gel .I WOULD repurchase this item.

  •  Equate Beauty Refreshing Cleansing Towelettes ($3.48)-
    Equate Refreshing Cleansing Towelettes are infused with a refreshing pH balanced formula. Use them daily to instantly remove makeup, impurities and oil in one step.Instantly removes makeup, even mascara ,Oil free ,Dermatologist, ophthalmologist, and allergy tested  ,Non-comedogenic — won't clog pores. The great thing about the Equate brand is you get more product then the Gariner ones (about 25 more towelettes) for a cheaper price that does the same .One of my favorite products that I will repurchase again and again , never under estimate a store brand , because there always some treasure hidden away we may never know about until we try it , regardless of it being a generic or what not .I WOULD repurchase this item.
Hope you enjoyed my Trash Thursday  and I hope you look forward to next months trash !

**Certain products were sent to me by PR Companies  for review, I did not purchase these myself,  However, this is my own unless otherwise stated! 

What is in your empties this month ?

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