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Oct Beauty Favorites & Flops

Here we go again , another month has flown by and yet another is well on it way  , any who, I have  many favorites for you again this month and a few flops which I never have but let jump on in and get started . 

Beauty/Nail Favorites

Parda Candy Eau de Parfum Spray ( $82.00)-Prada CANDY is instantly seductive—pure pleasure wrapped in impulsive charm. In an explosion of shocking pink and gold, Prada CANDY takes us on a walk on the wild side, showing us a new facet of Prada femininity where more is more and excess is everything. Magnified by white musks, noble benzoin comes together with a modern caramel accord to give the fragrance a truly unique signature. 

   This perfume smells like candy - but in an adult, sexy kind of way. I cannot get enough of this perfume. I love it. Every single time I wear it I fall in love with it even more, and also the packaging is the cutest .

Bella Beauty Makeup Sponge ($4.99)-Bella Beauty latex-free & hypoallergenic beauty sponge is a complete dupe for the Beauty Blender, but for a fraction of the price. The shape of the sponge is perfect for getting around the nose, under the eyes or any of those hard to reach places that you cant get with a better foundation brush . Unlike most other sponges, this one doesn’t absorb too much liquid leaving you high and dry. Gives flawless foundation application every single time. Put makeup on like a pro , who wouldn't want that and to save a few extra bucks 

Gelous Advanced Nail Gel Coat ($5.99)-Gelous Nail Gel instantly strengthens, hardens and reinforces weak nails.Gelous Nail Gel is a keratin-rich product that will fortify the nail naturally and add thickness. Nails will be protected by a barrier that this gel will create around the nail. Helps nails to be healthier and stronger. I can't say enough good stuff about this product. I was looking for a product that would help my nails from breaking, splitting and being thin. Not only does this make my nails super tough (without nasty chemicals like formaldehyde) but it helps them grow, makes them shiny and it makes nail polish last way longer! I use it as a base coat too! I love this stuff.

Diva Minerals Fall Collection ($13.25 Limited Price)-A new mineral makeup brand that is affordable to individuals while still having the quality of high-end cosmetics.Diva Minerals Makeup's mission is to provide high quality makeup to women without the high price tag! Mineral Makeup without the irritants and fillers that a lot of brands have in them! Every woman has some "Diva" in them- some have a little, some have a lot. Diva Minerals Fall Collection is a 5 piece collection of fall colors , a color for everyone , you can create a bold and colorful look or a softer look , no matter what you can find a color or colors for you .

Younique 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara ($29.00)- Watch your lashes transform into something you only dreamed of! A 300% increase in thickness and volume to your lashes while still looking completely real and natural. Potentially "mood-altering" 3D Fiber lashes will quickly become your favorite makeup accessory! Younique wasn't joking when they came out with this product , this product is the real deal , I feel in love with it . It gave my lashes they most  real , natural , long and flatter lashes I have ever had without using false lashes , if you haven't tried this or added it to your wishlist/Christmas list , you need to because your missing out .

 Skin/Hair/Body Favorites

Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser/Makeup Remover ($5.98)-Unlike ordinary cleansers, POND’S Cold Cream Cleanser is actually 50% moisturizer. It deep cleans and removes dirt and makeup, even stubborn waterproof mascara, while infusing your skin with vital moisture - all in one easy routine.  For clean, soft and glowing skin, put your trust in a classic. Pond's cold cream is an old favorite of mine..I use it to remove just my eye makeup as it's too rich for me to use as an all over cleanser. It cuts right through mascara and the added benefit is that it conditions your lashes! I have no irritation issues with this and it's dirt cheap! I have recently rediscovered this and glad I did 

Equate Beauty Refreshing Cleansing Towelettes[ Compares To Garnier Refreshing Cleansing Towelettes]- ( $3.48)- Equate Refreshing Cleansing Towelettes are infused with a refreshing pH balanced formula. Use them daily to instantly remove makeup, impurities and oil in one step.Instantly removes makeup, even mascara ,Oil free ,Dermatologist, ophthalmologist, and allergy tested  ,Non-comedogenic — won't clog pores. The great thing about the Equate brand is you get more product then the Gariner ones (about 25 more towelettes) for a cheaper price that does the same .One of my favorite products that I will repurchase again and again , never under estimate a store brand , because there always some treasure hidden away we may never know about until we try it , regardless of it being a generic or what not .

Sea Breeze Naturals Facial Wash ( $2.97 At Walmart Or $1.00 At Dollar Tree)-Sea Breeze Naturals Facial Wash combines the natural ingredients of refreshing citrus, mint, camphor and geranium oil to gently cleanse your face and remove excess dirt, oil and makeup without over-drying. It leaves your skin feeling clean, healthy and refreshed also blended with natural ingredients  and gently cleanses to remove impurities without over-drying. Sea Breeze is a product that I never hear about in the beauty community , it is a under rated product ,Sea Breeze Naturals Face Wash facial wash is an excellent product for "mature" oily skin. It thoroughly and deeply removes stubborn oil without stripping or over-drying the skin. The mild antibacterial properties actually do reduce the occurrence of acne .

Sea Breeze Naturals Facial Scrub $2.97 At Walmart Or $1.00 At Dollar Tree)-Sea Breeze Naturals Facial Scrub cleanses away problem-causing dirt, oil and makeup while it gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells that can dull your complexion. A gentle, refreshing formulation infused with mint, camphor and geranium oil leaves skin feeling clean, smooth and vibrant also cleanses and exfoliates for clean, smooth skin.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Polishing Mask In Charcoal & Black Sugar ( $3.99)-Polution…debris…it's a wonder skin can breathe! This unique mask and scrub works double time to detox skin. First, naturally purifying Activated Charcoal helps absorb oil and impurities without over-drying. The, Black Sugar helps exfoliate away dulling skin cells for softness and clarity. Perfect for all skin types. I'm a little obsessed with freeman masks, I have almost all of them. I love this, not only as a mask but it is an excellent exfoliate! It warms up when you apply it on your skin, and it's a little difficult to spread. But when you've left it on for 5-7 minutes & use it to scrub your skin - it's amazing. Probably the best scrub I've used, it makes your skin so soft  and smooth.

Caress Enchanting Secret Body Wash [Limited Edition] ($2.97) - Infused with and intoxicating blend of mulberry blossom & midnight wood essence , along with silkening moisturizers to your skin soft.  This Caress scent is extreme hard to find and rare , so if you can scoop 1 or a few up , do it cause it smell amazing , it is the perfect winter scent , very cozy and warm , however if you cant find this scent , Bath And Body Works Twilight Woods smell very similar to this scent .

Caress Tahitian Renewal Body Wash ($2.97)-Need a little escape? Caress Tahitian Renewal blends the exotic fragrance of pomegranate seeds and Tahitian palm milk with triple silkening moisturizers for ravishing, renewed skin. With its unique Silky Fragrance Infusion and alluring scent, it’ll entice the senses like no other.  This body was smells really tropical and pretty , lathers up nicely, and the smell lasts for quite a while after a shower , I adore this body wash  , is was been a favorite of mine from years , don't wash your money on Bath And Body Work body washes , Caress body wash do the same thing id not better and have such great smelling scent plus there way cheaper and way more product .

 Product Flops

Michael O'Rourke Rock Your Hair Bombshell Big Hair Powder ($14.99)-
Michael O'Rourke Rock Your Hair Bombshell Big Hair Powder is powder that liquefies to give your hair more power. If you want radiant, vibrant hair that also has extra body, This lightweight lift Bombshell Powder formula thickens your hair cleanly, so it will be free and voluminous. However this didn't ass body or help with the look or texture of my hair
, actually made it look greasier , it also made my hair feel kinda wet and left a white/gray cast  , on the flip side I haven't gave up all hope on this product yet , I am going to continue to try it different ways and what not, but so far I haven't been loving it , regardless of the super cute packaging that lures us into buy items .

Pantene 2 Minute Deep Conditioner ( $5.99)-Pantene Normal-Thick Hair Solutions Intensive Restoration Treatment deeply moisturizes hair and strengthens it against damage and breakage. The rich formula nourishes dry, damaged hair to help prevent split ends from forming and makes it more resilient against future damage. Hair is left hydrated and silky smooth from root to tip. I normally never buy Pantene product , since I feel like it coating my hair in wax , but since I had a buy 1 get 1 coupon I thought why not give something another try , maybe they had something new or re-formulated something , well I was wrong  ,  I pick this items out because I have thick dry/ damage hair for using hot tools and thought maybe this would give me smooth locks , well just like I thought it did nothing for my hair beside weigh it down and make my hair no very brittle and straw like , so not cute  , however I will be sicking to my organic Coconut Oil for here on out , but it was worth a try I guess ..

**Certain products were sent to me by PR Companies  for review, I did not purchase these myself,  However, this is my own unless otherwise stated! 

What Are Your OCT Beauty Favorites/ Flops ?

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