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Makeup Miser Makeup Spatulas Review

Use every drop of cosmetics and lotions with slender, flexible Makeup Miser® cosmetic spatulas. - See more at:
Use every drop of cosmetics and lotions with slender, flexible Makeup Miser® cosmetic spatulas. - See more at:

 Do you every fight with your favorite cosmetics or beauty item to get the last drop out of it , and some time just get so frustrated that all you do is just toss it because you cant get the product out of the bottom. Find out how this beauty item I'm about to show you can save you money , beauty products and time . 

Use every drop of cosmetics and lotions with slender, flexible Makeup Miser® cosmetic spatulas. - See more at:
What MakeUp Miser Has To Say.....
Have you ever truly utilized every single drop of your makeup and skincare containers? Now you can. Speaking from personal experience, I wanted to stop wasting my makeup, so the MakeUpMiser was born. It's a set of three flexible spatulas that will get you to the bottom of all those tiny makeup bottles. Added bonus...preventing bacterial contamination and preserving product efficacy AND not getting anymore messy creams and sticky hair products under fingernails.

What I Received.....  
3 piece spatulas set in three sizes ( fits practically all beauty containers)

About The Spatula's..
Makeup Miser Makeup Spatulas are a flexible and durable spatulas that conform to the shape of the bottle- reaching bottom, sides and shoulders of container the makeup spoons create an effective color contrast to view the amount of product you want to retrieve, however  the smart spoon design captures and cradles every drop with no spillage after retrieval in every product .  Each Makeup Miser Spatulas are eight inches in length to reach into taller bottles where cotton swabs can’t and they won’t absorb your products like cotton swabs ,precisely measures out loose powders and minerals to prevent messy waste from shaking it out of container

Why Should You Use A Makeup Miser Spatula?
 Dipping into cosmetics with your hands can cause your beauty products to harbor bacteria, mold, and other germs. Help prevent bacterial contamination by using MakeUpMiser.helping prevent bacterial contamination with MakeUpMiser you will also maintain the effectiveness of your expensive beauty products by limiting breakdown of active ingredients.Washes clean with soap and water - reusable for a lifetime of savings--Can also be sanitized with isopropyl alcohol. No need to dip your fingers into messy creams and sticky hair gels - protect your manicure and eliminate under nail accumulations by using MakeUpMiser. We're proud to say the MakeUpMiser is 100% made in the USA

 Makeup Miser Makeup Spatulas retails for $19.95( Set of 3 )

My Thoughts
I've always wished there was a way to get down to the bottom of my little cosmetic bottles.  Thank you for inventing this.I easily get an extra two weeks out of a bottle or jar of my skin care products. Absolutely nothing goes to waste -- each jar is scraped clean! And, it's easy to wash after each morning and evening. The shape and form of the spatula allows you to concentrate all that is left inside the bottle -- edge of the base, and walls of the container and also those that are stuck underneath the neck of the container especially for narrowed neck bottles , also you can use this product on squeeze tubes also , all you need to do is cut the top or bottom scoop all the product out and store in a travel container . I love that Makeup Miser offer 3 difference sizes so no matter the bottle or container size you are pretty much going to be able to get it all out , this is a must have beauty tool that every beauty junkie/ MUA need to have .

 If you would like to purchase Makeup Miser Makeup Spatula's check out there website

**These products were sent to me by MakeUp Miser Company for review, I did not purchase these myself.  However, this is my own!

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